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The Bible



Gospel of John



Jesus our destiny

Jesus our destiny - this was the central theme of Wilhelm Busch`s long ministry in Germany as pastor and youth leader, itinerant evangelist and author.


Jesus - Our Only Real Hope

There are many prejudices about Jesus Christ. But who is he really? And does his existence have an impact on my life? Information about Jesus Christ for everyone.


A Letter for you

Presents the Bible as a letter from God - giving its main theme and explaining how we actually got the Bible and why its message is true. Includes testimonies of how the Bible has changed lives.


How can I get to heaven?

The question of eternity is suppressed by many people. We even observe this among those - who think about their end. The American actress Drew Barrymoore starred as a child star in the fantasy film "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial". When she was twenty-eight years old (born in 1975) - she expressed: "If I should die before my cat - let it eat my ashes. Then at least I will live on in my cat." Isn't this cluelessness and shortsightedness regarding death frightening?

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